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evoSHIELD PX3 Shin Guards

evoSHIELD PX3 Shin Guards
Item# evoshieldA400
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Product Description

At just 1/4 of an inch thin, EvoShield Shin Guards are ultralight, comfortable, and built to perform. EvoShield's patented protection creates a unique protective layer that disperses energy and protects better than traditional shin guards. EvoShield’s PX3 Shin Guards provide 3x the protection of typical shin guards with a true custom fit and the lightweight comfort sought by players of all ages. The PX3 guards meet or exceed the player safety standards set by NOCSAE. EvoShield's Gel-to-Shell Technology delivers the only true custom fit guard contoured to your shin, transforming the soft guards into protective Shields. Once the guard is removed from the foil bag, it begins to harden and permanently molds to the shape of your shin. Fit the guard once, and you are game ready all season long. Includes: 2 Custom-Molding Protective Shin Shields, 2 Compression Sleeves, Guaze for fitting process. Custom-molding pads begin soft and flexible, transforming into hard and protective Shields in minutes. The custom fit guards provide superior comfort over traditional types of shin guards, allowing natural athletic movement and causing less fatigue on the body. Impact is dispersed, not absorbed, providing better protection than traditional protective gear. Once formed, Shields provide season long protection. Shields are hand washable. Air dry.