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EvoShield Oval Multi-Use Protection Guard

EvoShield Oval Multi-Use Protection Guard
Item# evoshieldA130-O
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Product Description

Stay in the Game. Designed by the nation's top professional Athletic trainers, EvoShield's Multiformat Guards provide customizable proteciton for the foot, the top of the hand, thumb, and more. With a fast and easy forming process, the guard is great for turf toe protection. Air Activated: Easty to Use - Simply rip open the foil pouch to activate the molding process. The chemical components inside the soft pads react to moisture in the air, activating the hardening process. Custom-Molding: Perfect Fit - Once activated, the soft pads transform to hard and protective, custom molding to the exact contours of each individual athlete. Ultrathin, Lightweight: Fast, Agile - At just 1/4 of an inch thin, EvoShield's protctive Shields are designed to act as a second skin with a unique protctive barrier. Athletic Design: Quick, Confident - EvoShield was developed under the direct specifications of elite athletes, ensuring a custom fit that never interferes with the body's natural movement. Breathable: Comfortable - EvoShield's protective Shields are encased within a breathable mesh layer that comfortably hugs the body. The 5" X 4" Shield can be worn inside the cleat for turf toe protection.